No WhatsApp for Smartphone,blackberry, Etc

NO WhatsApp for SmartPhone from 31 Dec 2016 What is WhatsApp? Its a Messaging app which is most viral among the users. It allows the users to exchange message without paying extra, Unlike the regular messaging app.No Whatsapp from 31 Dec 2016. This App is used to send the unlimited messages rather than usual messages which is charged for per messages. If you are using Windows 7, symbian, Nokia, Blackberry and Old Read More

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites It is Fastest growing all over the Web. Social Networking Sites are popular because it connects people with each other around the world.  It creates a social interest among the people. Here is Some famous social network sites, they are : Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Myspace. GENERAL INTEREST SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES : Facebook: is the biggest and very famous brand on the web. Facebook help t Read More


 Keyboard Shortcuts :   Keyboard shortcuts is a sequence or combination of keystroke on computer computer which gives commands to the software. Some keyboard shortcuts requires the user to press single key or sequence of keys one after the other and on other hand keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously. keyboard shortcuts depend on layout of keyboard. Create your own Keyb Read More