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What is 5G Network ? How does 5G Technology works and used? 5G vs 4G vs 3G5G Network Technology

5G Network is stands for Fifth generation and it belongs to next coming generation. It is totally based on the newest mobile standard of broadband technology.

5G has a huge number of features which is very useful of all group of people like:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Administrative bodies etc.

It is yet to come.

5G connections are based on business models, user experience, enhanced service, system Operation etc – Next Generation Mobile Network.

5G  Network connection have some criteria:

  • 100% coverage
  • 999% availability
  • 1 to 10 Gbps connections in field
  • Reduction of 90% of network energy usage.
  • Battery life for low power – upto 10 years.
  • Bandwidth per unit area – 1000x


It’s the much and better faster than other network like 4G.

You can download full movie within 10 second that too HD movie. Video callings will be very fast, there will be no stuck during video calling.


5G will help for better response. Response time will better significantly.


Here if we talk about capacity, 5G helps to provide and needed to enable the more and more number of devices that connected to internet and it will help to communicate with each other.


User experience:

Experience shows the quality of services. 5G will help to provide the solid improvement to speed and latency, the user will aware of something and wherever they are can use and provide their experience.


Third Generation 3G:

This is the previous generation communication. Previously it helps to receives signal from phone tower.

It helps for messaging, phone data.


Fourth Generation 4G:

The work is same but 4G provides the faster internet connection compare with 3G.


Technology Frequency:

  • 3G – 850 MHz 900MHz 2100MHz
  • 4G – 800MHz 1800MHz 2600MHz
  • Wi-fi – 2400MHz 5000MHz
  • Bluetooth – 2400MHz


5G Speed:

  • 3G —– 384kbps
  • 4G —– 100Mbps
  • 5G —– 10Gbps

Important Advantages of 5G Technology:

  • It is much faster than 4G network
  • It helps for higher productivity which gather all network in one platform.
  • Access 10,000 Mbps download speed, moreover it will run more mobile internet apps.
  • More efficient
  • Provides the large number of broadcasting data which support 60,000 connections.
  • Easily manageable
  • Education sector become easier, student can study anything from anywhere in the world.
  • Medical treatment will be easy.
  • Natural disaster can be detected faster.




Things you need to know about 5G:


5G trials are already going on:

Many companies have announced for trials 5G wireless space. It is under process. Once we ready with 5G we will start implement. Companies like Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson are announced for trials.

It is much more than a speed boost:

5G will be much faster than 4G. The 5G speed will be 10Gbps. For 4G speed its 100Mbps, and 3G is 384Kbps. Due to adding more wireless channels speed will increase.

Brand new Architectures:

5G wireless will add brand new Architecture like Cloud RAN.

Cloud RAN is stand for Cloud Radio Access Network.

It will support the server based networking function like UltraHD, video caching etc.


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