Cloud Hosting- Meaning & How it works

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting


Cloud Hosting is most innovative cloud computing technology that allow multiple Systems to act as single. It can be access by anyone in the world over the internet on Pay per use or Demand basis.Cloud hosting service Provides the Hosting for the websites on Virtual servers. Cloud hosting is Utility service rather than a product.

Cloud hosting fall under both Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and Platform as a Service (paas). Iaas provide the client the virtual Hardware on which client can install their software. On Paas service it provides Virtual hardware with Software environment.

Advantage of Cloud Hosting

Advantages of cloud Computing that Organisations is are Experiencing today, and quantifiable improvements as follows :

  • On Demand Basis    : Whenever the service is required then utilize. Payment by hourly Basis.
  • High Availability      : Virtual Machines will transfer the data without any downtime in the event of                                                Hardware failure.
  • Scale                            : with the Help of more resources and faster access to Clouds.
  • No Sever Downtime : 99.99% No Server Downtime Guaranteed by the Cloud Hosting Providers.

TOP 6 Sites Cloud Hosting Service Providers :

cloud hosting


Cloud Hosting Servers :

Cloud Servers works in same way as Physical server works, But function can be different. Clients are renting virtual space rather than renting or Purchasing Physical servers. Often paid per hour basis depending of the Capacity.

Benefits of the Cloud  servers is Flexibility, Scalability, cost effective, easy to setup and Reliability. Traditionally there are two main options for Hosting (.i.e ) Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting. But Cloud Hosting client gets both worlds.

Resources can be scaled up and scaled down accordingly based on the need of the client. when there is more traffic then capacity can be increased and when its less it can be reduced. which reduce the cost of client and he pays only for the service which he used.

Cloud Hosting Comparison  :

Cloud Hosting Comparison of Cloud service providers not only be complex, but can end up measuring the companies. IaaS providers provides the most basic IT needs – Servers, Networking and Storage on usage based payment model.

For Comparison I, decided to create some dimension that is used for the Comparison between Cloud Service providers.

Dimension of the comparison as follows

  1. pricing planCloud Hosting
  2. Average monthly Price
  3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  4. Number of Data centers
  5. Certification
  6. Scale Up
  7. Scale Out
  8. Support
  9. Monitoring
  10. APIs
  11. Free Tier
  12. Number of Instance types
  13. Cost of Outbound Data Transfer
  14. Cost of Inbound Data Transfer

How Cloud Hosting Works?

Admins are allowed to login into the back-end via terminal and check CPU load of all machines, along with System Information. This Process is generally known as Virtualization Which provides a layer of abstraction between Software and hardware components.

In the long run its much cheaper than virtual or physical server plans. Customer will only pay for the bandwidth.

Conclusion :

Cloud Computing is innovative improvement to physical server that i have ever seen. knowledge required to build such set up is bit difficult but its gaining momentum quickly.

Hope that the article had explained all the Technical term relating to the Cloud.

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