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Facebook Video Download Simple trick Without any Down-loader or Software :

Facebook Videos are viral on the Facebook now  days. People enjoy watching these Videos But if someone wants to Save the Video its bit difficult to download the Video.

So we come up with the Trick to download the video with very simple trick without the use of video downloader software.Facebook Video Download

Following is the Steps for Facebook Video Download :

Step 1 :  Right Click on the Video and then Click on Show Video URL

Step 2 : Copy the URL which Appeared.

Step 3 : Open a new tab and Paste that URL and Edit that URL by Replacing “WWW” with ”Touch” and then next Step

Step 4 : Now Play the Video, and then Press Ctrl plus S or Right Click on video then Click on “Save the Video”.

Step 5 : Now select the folder for saving the video and Save it.


Watch these Steps On Youtube : How to Download Facebook Video Without Any Software.

What is Facebook ?

Facebook is Most popular Social Networking site among the users all over the world. It allows user to interact with each other and help them to grow social network with others. This site is available in 37 different Languages.

It allow user to Create Group, Event and Pages to Improve their Social network.

It allows User to to Post on facebook on their wall as well as on others walls.

What is Post ?

It is Pics, texts or Videos posted by using mobile or tablet or laptop or desktop via different operating system using internet on facebook is called post.

Any user can login their account for posting and and logout when it is not required to protect their personal Informarion.

What is Logout ?

Its an utility button given to the User to protect our Private data, even Facebook offers range of Privacy Option to its Users.

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