How to Increase Facebook Page likes

Increase Facebook Page LikesIncrease Facebook page Likes

This is the very important and widely search item in the internet. Users use to search for how to get more likes or hoe to increase more and more likes on Facebook page. They do find for lots of different ways to get more and more likes on Facebook page.

So here Techie Stuff going to provide the various way to increase Facebook page likes.

According to the today’s trend people do use social media websites such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc.


Follow the Below steps to Increase Facebook Likes

Now we are going to discuss all topics for the how we are going to increase the likes on Facebook page.

1. Post should be new and different:

Now a days, people searching for new and different topics, so this is the great idea for us that we will provide something interesting and knowledgeable which help you to get more and more likes on your Facebook page.


 2. Facebook page update:

This is also the best way to increase your likes on Facebook page. You have to update your fan page. You need to update everyday something to people engaged on your page. Make sure that activity must go on. You should not stop after page update. And try to make people aware on your page and provide the interesting things. And it will help to get the more and more likes on your Facebook page.

 3. Giving invitation:

This is the best method to get more likes on your Facebook page very easily. You have to invite your friends. There is an invite option on the Facebook page, you have to simply give invitation to your friends on your Facebook account. Definitely you can increase more and good numbers of likes on Facebook pages.

 4. Right time to share:

This is also the nice ways to get more likes, here you have to share the post on right time when people are engaged on internet. Days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday people are so engaged on Facebook. That time you have to post and more people more engaged and Increase Facebook page likes.


 5. Post content should be valuable:

This is very important things that here you have to post something different and should be interesting because whatever you will post that should be valuable and interesting, it should not be disinterest. Because it will not help you to increase the page like. Here there is a chance for decrease more likes on page. So you have think and drop a good post and people will take interest and read your post happily.

 6. Provide like button on your page:

Like everything you have to add like button on top corner or left corner of your page.

And this will help you to get good number of like within a minute. Like button should be present on your page.

 7. Must join some Groups:

This is the best and excellent ways to get more and more likes on your Facebook page.

Here you should find the Facebook groups according to your related page and join it. And search those groups who having more than 20k – 25k members in that groups. Then you have post your page and you can also re share your page. People will be more and engaged and you will get more number of likes on your Facebook page.

8. Post good quality of images and videos:

As we know that we like the best quality of images and videos should be HD. So same here also we have to post good and best quality of images for our viewers. This is will help to get more like on our each post.

Videos are very highly reachable. It is very fastest moving on the Facebook page and reach very high.



  • Create blog and add your page
  • Share status and picture
  • Invite your people for like
  • Post something new for better information
  • Need to update
  • HD videos and good quality images
  • Always check your activity log on your page.

If you know any more technique to Increase facebook page likes then Comment below.

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