Jarvis AI By Mark zuckerberg

On December 19 , Mark Zuckerberg announced that he has completed his personal challenJarvis AIge for 2016 – building a home Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant called Jarvis AI.

In a series of videos on Facebook, Mark has explained what Jarvis is, and what are the tasks it can b
e programmed to do at home.

The videos show Jarvis performing household tasks for the Mark’s family, such as cooking some toast, and taking care of toddlers.

What is Jarvis AI?

Jarvis AI is an AI system Mark has built to control his home and perform basic tasks, such as controlling a particular room’s temperature, playing songs, turning  lights on or off, opening doors, etc.

The home AI uses natural language processing and speech recognition to understand the user’s voice. It also has facial recognition capabilities. Therefore, can open doors of the home for known guests, or tell Mark the location of each family member, whether Max is sleeping or playing.

What can Jarvis AI do?

Jarvis can inform you the schedule for the day, teach different languages, informing on whereabouts of other family members, prepares toasts, set up video conferences, and play melodious songs.

It can even make suggestions, such as offering to make a toast when you are looking to make some breakfast, and crack  few jokes.

How does Jarvis AI work?

Jarvis, like other AI, learns from  the user’s behaviour and habits to perform the tasks in an efficient manner. For example, Jarvis can understand synonyms , and tracks key phrases said by the user to perform the task.  Requests, such as “play  some music,” need context and user’s past behaviour to execute, which Jarvis learns over time as it is used.

How do Mark operate Jarvis AI?

He either speak directly to the Jarvis AI,  use a Facebook Messenger bot, or a dedicated application. In the post announcing Jarvis, Mark said that the dedicated Jarvis application (only iOS app is ready at present , while the Android app is in process) is always listening for instructions, like Google Now and the Google Assistant.

Voice of Jarvis AI

Hollywood veteran and Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has given his voice to the Jarvis AI. In an interview, Mark said that a large number of people suggested using Freeman’s voice as the voice of the AI in a poll conducted by Facebook. After meeting the Hollywood star at an event, Mark sent him a request to voice the AI system, and Freeman agreed to the proposal.

However, Freeman has recorded only a “limited set of commands” that Jarvis will say.


Why did Mark build Jarvis AI?

Building Jarvis, and running 365 miles, were Mark’s personal challenge for 2016.

Future plans for Jarvis AI

Mark plans to add more capabilities into Jarvis, and has asked the public to suggest some more ideas. He also said that he would like to  teach Jarvis how to learn new skills itself rather than having someone teach it. An Android app to control Jarvis is in the works, as is making the AI available to public.

Mark also said, “For assistants like Jarvis to be able to control everything in homes for more people. We need more devices to be connected and the industry needs to develop common APIs and standards for the devices to talk to each other.”

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