Photoscan APK Download | By google Photos

Photoscan Apk download By google Photos is Amazing app which is recently launched by google foPhotoscan apk downloadr your Photos and videos, your all old printed photos and old memories of your childhood with your Grandma and your parents.

Photoscan APK download By google Photos

This app has all the solutions for your old memories to keep them alive. all those memories you dont want to forget. it does the work for for you to keep all your memories alive.

Generally we box up our old Memories in the printed photos, we dint get time to digitize them or Buy a printer is too costly and its time consuming. If try to take photo of photo it will not so proper somewhere the glare will still be there.

Photo Scans the photo in great looking digital copies of Printed photos in seconds.

No Pro edits and Pro is needed

It comes with the 3 Fantastic features which gives the Output which exactly the User is expecting It.

1. Auto Enhance :

To get the great Looking of the Photo this app has a feature named Auto Enhance. Just open the Photo and then click on the auto enhance, just select Auto Enhance. Then it will adjust it self according to the pic.

2. 12 New looks :

It helps the original photo to give a new look Based on the its Brightness, darkness, saturation or warmth before applying these styles. selecting one of them depending on the taste of Users.

3. Advance Editing Tools :

It has got advance editing tool which makes it really interesting which allows user to fine tune the photos according to their choices.

This app is developed for the Android Users and IOS Users also.

Dowload Photoscan Apk by google Below :



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