Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

It is Fastest growing all over the Web. Social Networking Sites are popular because it connects people with each other around the world.  It creates a social interest among the people.

Here is Some famous social network sites, they are :

FacebookSocial Networking Sites





  • Facebook: is the biggest and very famous brand on the web. Facebook help the user to connect with their friends, relatives etc.
  • Twitter: This is also the very famous network site on the web, which helps the user and provide the service for microblogging.
  • Ning: This is also the social network which help the users to create your own custom of social network for users brand, product or services.
  • Meetup: is also the very good social network sites on web, which facilitate the user to with common interest to find each other and it also facilitate the users to meeting offline.
  • Skyrock: This is also one of the largest global social networks and it is occupied by teens. And this is also famous with the French speaking world.
  • Badoo: This is also very famous site on web and it helps the use to therechatting , and sharing with there friends. And this site is more popular in Europe and Latin America.


  • Flickr: This is the best and famous site for sharing the social photos. This site have lots of themes and photos provide in the site
  • Fotki: This is also the famous site and this similar to Flickr. But this site is very popular in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Fotolog: This is another social photo sharing sites and it is also a photo blogging social network which is popular in Spain and South America.


  • Last.FM : This is a network for the music fans.
  • Buzznet: This is all about music and pop culture social network which help the users to participate in online.
  • Cross.TV : This is very famous in Christian family and it also helps the user similar to the Facbook.
  • Weread: This is a sites which is the community of book enthusiasts that helps to share and find new books.
  • Flixster: This is also a site which is related to a movie enthusiasts social network. Here the users can suggest, discuss and share the movies with friends.
  • CaringBridge: This is a vsocial network site on web which helps the user to designed for the families or friends that want to setup a social hub. And users can also share and updates the issue or some crisis.
  • Ibibo: This is a perfect place for the game lovers. Ibibo is stand for “I build, I bond. And it’s a video gamer social network site on web. It is also very famous in India and offers many games to play online.


  • CouchSurfing: This is a site which is totally based on Travelling. The person who is very interested and love to travel can meet here.
  • TravBuddy: This is also network site for the users. Here user can share their experience of travel, Share reviews, tips and photos.


  • Cellufun: This is a mobile network site for mobile gamers. It helps to meet mobile gamer to other mobile gamer and they can play with them.
  • ItsMy: It helps the user to play game online and helps to connect with friends, play game and more.


  • FunnyOrDie: This is the comedy network site where the users can rate and share the videos with the friends and they can also share their own comedy videos.
  • YouTube: This is the most popular sites and well known site on web. It helps the users to share and views videos, and can create own hub for their own content.

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